About Us
Our Mission is to keep the task of ordering printing and photocopying simple, while at the same time providing the best Service at the highest quality, while maintaining the best price possible for our customers requirements.
Pat Foran, President
  Patrick Foran (Pat) has been in the printing industry his whole career. Pat graduated high school with an emphasis in Graphic Arts and photography and immediately started working in a print shop that was the first to offer Quick Printing in San Diego, though the company owned film processing booths throughout the county. After working for many print shops refining his trade as a pressman, Pat landed a job with a national printing franchise where he walked from behind the press to behind the counter and learned how to manage and sell printing. In 1984 Pat resigned from that position to setup & establish Xpress Press.
Ralph Duarte, Pressman
  Ralph Duarte has excelled in the printing industry for over two decades. His experience in printing has proven his ability to produce top-quality press runs. Whether it be an A.B Dick, Ryobi, Hamada or Heidleberg presses, his devotion to his trade has made him a valuable team player here at Xpress Press.

Working in companies such as Commercial Press, Grape Graphics, and Birmingham Press, he has produced and honed his skills as a journeyman pressman to compete in today’s market.

Ralph enjoys spending time raising his two young daughters as a single parent when not at work.
Raúl Clavell, Customer Service and Copy Dept. Supervisor
  Raúl Clavell is an educated gentleman who graduated from Baruch College in New York City with a BBA Degree in Business Administration. He has a distinguished career in Retail Management, Manufacturing, and was Quality Control Supervisor at Avionics Aerospace, an aircraft equipment manufacturer . Having over three decades of work experience, Raúl’s attention to detail is superb. We look to Raúl for quality control of customer service and proofing, as well as various bindery and delivery services. His participation and easy going demeanor has helped us become a tight knit team.

Raúl is also committed to his family and enjoys restoring British Cars. A testament to this passion is his 1962 TR3-A, which is registered as a historical vehicle.
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